COAT (Court Piece)

The name Court Piece is sometimes written as Coat Piece or Coat Pees. This game is also known as Coat, Kot, Rung and Seven Hands.

Coat is played with a standard 52-card deck without jokers. In each suit the cards rank from highest to lowest as A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2.'A'is the highest and '2' is the lowest rank. Deal and play are clockwise.There are 4 players making 2 teams. Players sitting opposite each other are partners.To start the game the dealer will be chosen randomly, in the following games the dealer will be the looser of the previous deal. The dealer deals 5 cards to each player.The player sitting on the left of the dealer, known as The Trump Caller and will view his first 5 cards and will announce the trump suit. ( The trump suit is the suit of the cards that he/she has the most of eg. if there are 3 spades , 1 diamond and 1 heart, then this player should choose spade as the trump suit.).The dealer will then deal 4 more cards to each player twice making a total of 13 cards each player.
The Trump Caller will start the first round throwing the first card of his/her choice. All other players must throw a card of the same suit if they have, if not they can throw the card with the trump suit. If the player does not have the required suit or does not want to throw trump suit, he/she may throw any other card.In a round after everyone has played a card and there are no trump cards ,the player with the highest value card wins the round, if 2 or more trump cards have been played the player with the highest trump card will win the round. However if only one trump card is played then he/she is the winner of the round.

SINGLE SAR - The winning team collect the 4 cards and place them aside face down. This group of 4 cards is known as a TRICK.
DOUBLE SAR - A player who wins a trick does not gather in the cards, but turns the cards of the trick face down in the centre of the table. Cards are only gathered in when the same player wins two consecutive tricks. It is not possible to collect the cards if two consecutive tricks are won by two different players of a team. Until then the tricks pile up in centre.The First trick of every round DOES NOT belong to any team.
DOUBLE SAR ACE RULE - If the second trick is with ACE then player can not collect the tricks and needs one more trick with a card other than ACE. But if it is last round then you can collect the tricks.The  Player who won the last round and gained a Trick will then start the next round. Once a team has gained seven Tricks, the team will be the winner of the deal and the  looser team will deal again.

If a team gains 7 tricks in a row they will score a Coat.If the dealer team looses the deal, the same player will deal again. If the dealer team wins the deal then the player on the left will become the new dealer. If the trump caller team scores a coat then the 2nd player of the loosing team will be the dealer.The overall winner of the session will be the team who has scored the most coats.In this App To throw a card, When it is your turn press the card with your finger and release. if after pressing the finger you change your mind then drag your finger out of the card and release at empty space.

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