BHABHI is Indian version of Get Away.BHABHI is played in the Punjab region of India ,Pakistan and Bangladesh.The aim of the game is to GET AWAY by playing all of one's cards.The last remaining player who fails to get away and is left holding cards is theloser. Loser is called Bhabhi.In Hindi or Punjabi BHABHI means brother's wife.

BHABHI is played with a standard 52-card deck without jokers.In each suit the cards rank from highest to lowest as A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. 'A'is the highest and '2' is the lowest rank.Deal and play are clockwise.
The player who holds the Ace of Spades begins the game.Then other players play the card of same suit. When everyone has played one card, these cards are gathered and set aside face down, beginning a waste pile. The player who had the Ace of Spades now begins the second round by playing any one of one's remaining cards.

In this App there are 3 computer players and YOU. If you are to start the round, You can throw any card. If you are not first person then you must throw a card of same suit if you have,which has been played by others. If a player who has no card of the leading suit may play any card.This card of a different suit,known as a THOLA, and it ends the play to that round. Subsequent players, to the left of the one who played the THOLA, do not get to play a card.Whoever played the highest card of the leading suit picks up all the cards played to the round and adds them to their hand and begins the next round by leading any card from hand.

In the first round, everyone plays one card, even if a player has no spades and therefore throws a card of another suit, and this first round is always thrown on the waste pile.Players who run out of cards have GOT AWAY.They take no more part in the play and are therefore safe from losing and being BHABHI.If a player has no more cards in hand but his/her card is the highest in the last round in which everyone is able to follow suit,That player must draw a card at random from the (shuffled) face down waste pile,and lead the next round.

When you are the first to start the round, you will see a 'TAKE' button. Press that button and you will see an option to take the cards from next or previous player. The player you select, all the cards of that player will  be added to your hand.As players run out of cards they get away and drop out of the game. The last player left holding cards is the loser and called BHABHI.

To throw a card, When it is your turn press the card with your finger and release. if after pressing the finger you change your mind then drag your finger out of the card and release at empty space."

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